President and co-founder of TrackR, Smith has revolutionized how people keep track of their keys, phone and other items

Christian Johan Smith created TrackR to define and lead the item tracking space. Since 2009, TrackR’s app software, cloud databases and item trackers have revolutionized how consumers keep track of their keys, phone and all their items.

TrackR began one day while the two co-founders – Christian and Chris Herbert – were surfing. As the tide kept getting closer and closer to their ca,r they were terrified of losing keys in the sand. After this stressful experience, Christian set out to end the search for lost items forever. TrackR embodies year of innovation to give people the confidence to help people save time for themselves and their whole family. Instead of relying on your memory, you can rely on TrackR – and free up that mental space for more important things. Ring your keys, wallet, phone – or quickly find the TV remote for your kids. TrackR allows you to effortlessly manage all of the belongings in your home with one simple app.

Since its inception in 2009, TrackR has grown from an operation run out of a garage to a global operation, with over five million devices shipped worldwide. TrackR is built into products from leading brands like Amazon, DoCoMo, HP, Cross Pens and more. Their global Crowd Locate network helps find over two million items every day.

Smith brings a unique perspective to any team he is a part of, coupling an engineering background with entrepreneurial skills that allow him to synthesis technical challenges and business goals while balancing the impact consumers, investors and partners. When Christian is not running TrackR, you can find him exploring the California coastline sailing, surfing, or diving.

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